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"An Adventure Through Lowell" - Through The Eyes of COOL Interns

Experienced and Written by Amauris Delvalle, Janessa Isaac, Karolina Rijo, and Marangely Pagan 

On our majestic journey through Lowell, we learned many interesting facts we did now know before. From touring the Whistler House Museum of Art, to visiting the ALL Gallery, and taking a trip on the trolley tour, we learned that Lowell contains many different aspects of life and that there are four main elements. Can you guess what those four main elements of Lowell are?

Upon our arrival to the Whistler House, we were instantly greeted and welcomed with open arms. The Director came over and introduced herself personally, and offered us to take a tour throughout the museum.  On our tour, we learned about the artists that lived in the Whistler House as well as James McNeil Whistler, Whistler’s mother and father, and the things they did. We learned about the historic features within the house, as well as some new things about the house and the events taking place today. (Photo: Whistler House Park)

Today in the Whistler House, you can visit the museum and see artists that now work in the space, and view their art work that is being displayed and is available to purchase. Did you know that you could rent the space at the Whistler House to host weddings, graduations, and other events? They also offer a summer program where youth can learn more about art and take some classes to enhance their art abilities. Another fun fact: in the year 2018, one of the artists who reside in the Whistler House will be doing an event where she will paint your portrait, so be sure to book your spot in advance!


Our next stop was the ALL Gallery, part of the Arts League of Lowell which was founded in the fall of 2003.  The mission of the ALL Gallery is to provide a unified voice for the arts, and we think they have succeeded well in doing this.  There are so many artists in this gallery who have their own creative job:  painting, printmaking, photography, etc. As soon as you walk into the gallery it has a unique twist of paintings. In the same building as the ALL Gallery, there is a store called Van Gogh‘s Gear where you can visit and shop to take your passion even further.  Did you know ALL has up to eleven art classes? (Photo: From the ALL Gallery - "Abstract" by Marshall Moyer) 

On our final stop, we took a Trolley Tour through the Lowell National Historical Park. It is here where we learned that the four main elements of Lowell are Nature, Technology, Labor and Capital.  The labor represents the Mill girls we brought to Lowell to provide them with jobs. We promised their families that they would have a place to stay where they would be fed, provided with education and a job, and be able to attend church. We got some insight into the everyday lives of the Mill girls. The element of Nature represents the water used in our canal system to stream all of our water through the Merrimack River. We learned that the river flows upstream into Lawrence, and our water system has been the most successful water stream used when compared to other towns such as Chelmsford. The Capital represents the money being brought into Lowell through the mill workers and the water system used through our canals. And the Technology is used to make each machine that flows our water stream. We learned John Stuart created a giant turbine, which is a machine used for producing continuous power by revolving massive amounts of water. Our canal system works to revolve the water upstream into other towns and cities to give them water.

Overall, the tour was a pleasant and interactive experience. The tour guide always had answers for our questions, and made sure to ask us about what we learned and if we knew certain information. We would recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in the Industrial Revolution. We also recommend you stop and visit some of the art galleries located in Lowell, if you’re interested in learning new information or simply looking for something fun to do!

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