COOL Cultural Organization of Lowell

COOL People

Board of Directors



Andy Jacobson, Owner - Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus

"I am a supporter of arts throughout the city and look towards increasing participation especially with the youth."

Assistant Chair

Janet Leggat, Lowell Cultural Council, Lowell Heritage Partnership

"Growing up in Lowell, I was aware that “Art is the Handmaid of Human Good” was the wording of Lowell’s motto. I never really understood the impact of the arts until I became active in the cultural community in the city. For the past 20 years, I have seen how the arts have been a constant element in the fabric of this city’s growth and success. With such a diverse community, we utilize the arts to understand our similarities and expand our world past the city’s limits. As we all invest in the arts, whether it be with cash, inspiration or sweat equity, we make the community stronger and more appealing for all to experience."


Steve Jones, Vice President of Community Development, Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union



Richard Bolton, Publisher - The Waggish Life

Jim Cook, LDFC

Andrew Duncan, Enterprise Bank

"I joined the COOL board to continue to support the growth of Lowell as a cultural destination for people from all over the world."

Barbara Gilbert, Lowell Visual Artist 

Rod Griffith, MarketReach Inc.

"Art connects people -- across borders, languages and cultures -- and helps create a common sense of community.  And a well-connected community makes a better home for both people and businesses."

Maritza Grooms, Girls, Incorporated of Greater Lowell

Joe Hungler, Boys & Girls Club of Lowell

"My wife and I love how local art and culture makes Lowell a richer community in so many ways. I want to engage more people in Lowell's unique and diverse cultural and artistic community. I also want to inspire and connect the next generation of artists and place makers to COOL."

Jim Lichoulas, Mill No. 5

Martha Mayo, UMass Lowell, Center for Lowell History

"Arts and cultural activities are at the heart of communities - they make communities more attractive places to live, they help bring a community to life, they define a community's unique characteristics, they attract tourists and they help communities compete economically around the world.” Canada Council for the Arts

Antonio Mendieta, Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank

"Art is important to me because art, in all its forms, enhances the Lowell community and plays a very important role in the socioeconomic development of the city[1]. Fomenting art in the city, it stimulates a more cultural and sophisticated society and bring visitors to the city were they spend money not only on art but in our many restaurants, bars, other shops, and real estate."

Elkin Montoya, Sage Bank

James Ostis, Lowell Cultural Council

"I've always felt that Lowell's greatest resource is our people. The people of Lowell everyday bring, create, and cultivate a vibrant culture that makes this community truly unique and special. The arts are the way we express the amazing culture that is found within the people of Lowell."

Steve Syverson, Arts League of Lowell, Van Gogh's Gear

Alan Williams, UMass Lowell Music Department

"There's a vibrant, culturally diverse music scene in Lowell, and I have joined COOL to help spotlight the musical arts of Lowell, and broadcast them to the world."

Advisory Board

Celeste Bernardo, Lowell National Historical Park
John Wooding, UMass Lowell 


Associate Board

Oscar Bogran, Local Artist
Dimitrios Booras, UMass Lowell
Deb Forgione, Neighborhood group
Art and Culture is the foundation of all communities. Lowell history and culture is the foundation of our community and Art is the Handmaid of Good
Fru Nkimbeng, African Festival
Rosemary Noon, The Lowell Plan/LDFC
Ricky Orng, Freeverse! / F.O.B. Clothing
Molyka Tieng, LCHC / SEA Water Festival

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