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The COOL staff and board are pleased to introduce the COOL Street Team!  Their purpose is to help engage a younger audience in the wide variety of arts & cultural activities happening here in the city of Lowell. Look for them at your next event!

Follow them online at @CoolStreetTeam on Twitter, and @COOLStreetTeam on Instagram, and check out their blog!

Ben Raymond

Ben Raymond - @BenRRaymond on Twitter

I’m a graduate of UMass Lowell who studied Music Business. After spending the majority of my life growing up on Cape Cod, I relocated to Lowell for school, and now live here year round. While at UMass Lowell, I've become heavily involved in MEISA (Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association), where I enjoy producing events and learning more about the music industry. In my free time, I can often be found at local concerts, some of which I perform at. I love meeting new people, and am excited to attend and produce more events in Lowell!


Sam DeAngelo


Sam DeAngelo - @SamDangles on Twitter

I am a twenty-five year old designer from Lowell, and have lived in Lowell my whole life. After graduating from Lowell High School in 2009, I graduated college in 2013 at Fitchburg State University with a degree in Graphic Design, Communications Marketing, and Intercultural Communications. Since before high school, I have been obsessed with using the computer for graphic design. When I went to high school I was exposed to many different types of art such as painting, graphics, telecommunications, and silk screening. Silk screen printing used for shirts and fabric interested me the most and since then my love for Apparel design and fashion has only grown stronger. I currently work as a T-shirt designer/printer, a pastry chef for UMASS Lowell, and now part of the COOL Street Team! Some hobbies outside of work I enjoy are bike riding, drawing, chugging coffee, baking, exploring the internet and eating other peoples left overs. I’m a huge fan of Lowell and love the art it has in it. If you see me, feel free to say Hi, ask about a show or gallery, or give me the last of your food!


Vattana Thach - @VattanaThach on Twitter 

My name is Vattana Thach and I don't like talking about myself. I believe that I have the vision, ambition, drive and patience to take part in inspiring and influencing global change. I am passionate about protecting our planet. I have faith that as time progresses, people will become more open-minded and loving of everyone and everything. My day to day consists of teaching 1-4 dance classes, 6 days a week. I have a group I rehearse with twice a week. I have recently taken up meditation, yoga, hiking and am transitioning into veganism. I make videos on YouTube and I write thought-provoking blog entries on Tumblr and Medium. I have a brand called "Strive For Change Lifestyle". It's an aspiring entertainment management company with strong a strong belief in philanthropy. It exists to cultivate people's individualism and emphasizes the importance of community. My username for every social network is: VattanaThach


Christina Khem - @TheCorgeek on Twitter

I am a 22 year-old musician and artist from Lowell who lives passionately for the local creative economy. At an event, I was inspired by the Cultural Organization of Lowell and instantly asked, “How do I become involved?” 

Knowing the city is where my heart truly resides, I couldn’t resist the excitement to take initiative, hop onboard, and engage with the COOL Street Team to promote arts and culture. Each and every day, I believe that creativity sparks the economy and builds community. I also serve as an arts advocate for MASSCreative and board member of Lowell Cultural Council.

Away from work, I am pursuing my Bachelor's in Education and Music, striving to become a music teacher and a motive towards the youth. On my time off, I enjoy spending time with family and igniting little fires to fellow human beings with tunes, visuals, and adventure. Ultimately, my goal is to build connections, so don’t hesitate to seek me at your next event!


Mitchell Similien 

 Massachusetts Cultural Council logo     The COOL Street team is funded in part by the MCC, a state agency.

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