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Lowell's Cultural Plan


In 2007, the Lowell Plan, Lowell’s business advocacy organization, commissioned a cultural plan for the city with a vision for the next two decades. This plan, laid out in an impressive book form, was titled On the Cultural Road … City of World Culture: Strategies for the Creative Economy in Lowell.

The plan expands our notion of culture to encompass the “creative economy.” Creativity and culture are major forces in economic development, contributing to quality of life; attracting skilled and mobile workers; giving rise to creative industries such as music, media, and design; bringing in external revenues through cultural tourism and the export of cultural goods and services; and fostering the creative thinking and skills that enable both cultural and non-cultural workers to thrive in an increasingly global marketplace.

On the Cultural Road was based on a process that involved extensive research and outreach in Lowell. The report set out principles to guide the implementation, including focusing on authenticity, collaboration and a commitment to ensuring that the creative economy celebrates the city’s diversity and provide economic benefits to all of its residents. This plan was unanimously embraced by City’s Officials, and an Oversight Committee was established to ensure that the plan’s goals and actions are successfully implemented over the next five years.

View the PDF book of On the Cultural Road.

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