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Dance 4 Peace this Wednesday at LMA


Dance 4 Peace is Lowell’s largest youth violence prevention event. This year it is held on Wednesday, August 5th at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.

Dance 4 Peace is an annual event that takes place during the summer. The first Dance 4 Peace started in 1995, which means this year we are celebrating our 20th annual! Every year there is a theme, with a slogan to represent the theme. Our slogan for this year is “Good Vibes Since ‘95” to represent our anniversary.

People everywhere from Lowell and beyond come to showcase their talents - from dancing, to singing, to poetry. Youth and staff from Teen BLOCK have put in time and effort to make this Dance 4 Peace the biggest one yet! Every Monday and Wednesday afternoon all of the Teen BLOCK youth come together at MCC for a meeting to discuss how we can make this event a night to remember.

Every year, there is a scholarship given to one lucky senior. This scholarship was created in dedication of Quoc Le, a teen who died due to a gang shooting. In remembrance of Quoc Le, we decided to continue Dance 4 Peace and continue violence prevention using different themes. As youth lead Dance 4 Peace, they vote on what kind of theme the year will be. Some themes may be dating violence, safety in the streets, or stereotypes. But this year, we shook it up a bit to celebrate the 20th annual!

COOL intern Visaka In says, "As a youth of Lowell, I’ve been involved with Dance 4 Peace for about 4 years from Dance 4 Peace 17th to the 20th. Although I have not been in the planning committee for my first two years, I did perform with a singing group [called] the Voices. Michelle and I decided we wanted to be part of the movement and joined the committee, along with dancing with ADAM Dance Project. I really didn’t know what Dance 4 Peace was until I became a committee member. I realized that it is an event where our community comes together as one to promote peace to the rest of the people. It is an event that everyone put their heart into, to be fun, successful and a night to remember. It is a night where we all join together as a family, or at least that’s how I feel. Dance 4 Peace has given me great experiences, along with new friends, and loving memories.  All I know is that I’m glad to be part of this movement to a brighter, bigger, and better future."

 Written by COOL interns Michelle Sann and Visaka In, both participants in Dance 4 Peace XX.

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