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Exploring Lowell with our interns: What is that monument on City Hall Plaza?

COOL has several interns this year, and they will be guest-posting on the Street Team blog as they explore and learn more about the city's cultural offerings. 

Christos G. Rouses Monument, Located at City Hall Plaza


The Christos G. Rouses monument is a statue dedicated in 1980 in honor of Officer Rouses. Officer Rouses was a Lowell police officer of 22 years. During a silent alarm at Limby’s Drugstore on Branch Street, Officer Rouses was shot and killed by an armed robber. November 17, 1978 was the last time a Lowell police officer gave his life in line of duty.



This memorial was dedicated to the Lowell police officers who previously died during their time of duty. The statue of the officer, whose hand rests on the boy’s shoulder, represents the Lowell Police Department’s motto, “To serve and protect.”


As researched and photographed by:
Amauris Delvalle
Visaka In
Michelle Sann

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