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  • Dig Into The Lowell Community This April, Earth Month!

    written by Christina Khem / above photo taken by Christina Khem Celebrate Earth Day in Lowell This April! April is known as Earth Month – the unique, month-long celebration, recognizing our collective commitment to the environment and our community. In 1970, Earth Day was established by Senator Gaylord Nelson to create awareness and appreciation of our precious, and increasingly fragile, planet.   Read More...

  • Celebrate Lowell Women's Week With Us

    Written by Christina Khem  Hi All! It is the 20th year that Lowell Women's Week are celebrating and recognizing women's achievements, sacrifices, and contributions in Lowell, Massachusetts. Many organizations in the community are paying attention and plan to honor and pay tribute to the many generations of women whose commitment to communities, education, the environment and numerous other parts of the world that have proved most valuable to the overall society in which we live.   Read More...

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Be The Happiest Person At Your Job This Monday

    Monday, Monday, so good to me Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be - The Mamas and The Papas   That's right, it's Monday. Typically over exaggerated as the worst day of the weekday life, usually with no good reason at all, but everyone kind of goes along with it anyways. But still - it's the beginning of the work week nonetheless.   Read More...

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