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Due Date: 15 June 2016

Project Description and Background

In response to a growing desire for murals in Lowell, expanded opportunities for local artists, and at the request of the Lowell City Council, a group of local stakeholders met to discuss how to move a mural project forward while still honoring Lowell’s historic preservation history. After a review of country-wide policies in similar historic districts, and in discussion with the Lowell Historic Board Administrator, we are pleased to release this call for qualifications for a mural artist.

Mural Site 

The Athenian Corner Restaurant is a downtown Lowell landmark. In business since 1974, the Panagiotopoulos family has been proudly serving the Lowell community Greek cuisine and culture for more than 4 decades. As part of renovations to the exterior wall of his building restaurant owner Teddy Panagiotopoulos is soliciting proposals for a Greek themed mural for the side of his restaurant. The wall is part of the Greek Corner’s outdoor café in the summer and faces Shattuck Street. Mr. Panagiotopoulos is particularly interested in representations of the Greek cafes that once lined Market Street. The mural is not required to cover the entire wall of the building and dimensions should be included with the artist’s proposal. The mural cannot be painted directly onto the brick. It has to be on material that is considered temporary, can be secured to the wall, but be removed. The material should be durable and weather resistant. Budget: The owner is asking artists to submit budget proposals with their application project. The budget should include design, fabrication, artist fees, and all materials. All necessary repairs to the wall will be made by the owner. 

The Proposal Package:

• 3 jpg examples of your work in the style that would best represent your work in the mural. JPGS should be no larger than 300dpi with a maximum file size of 500 KB. Each image should include artist name, date of work and title.
• Artist resume
• Attached informational cover sheet.
• Optionally - artists may, but are not required, to submit a one paragraph description of the design they envision.

Proposals and questions may be e-mailed to: Ted Panos, No phone calls please.

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