COOL Cultural Organization of Lowell

Points of Light - Please Donate

Photo by Thomas O'Hearn. Used with permission.

Points of Light began as a project of DIY Lowell to celebrate unity and renewal through the food, music and traditions of Lowell's diverse cultures. The centerpiece of the night is the release of personalized lanterns on the Western Canal, creating hundreds of points of light. Light is a universal symbol - whether it be hope, remembrance, renewal, or celebration - Points of Light means something different to everyone, and that's part of the beauty.

Points of Light is an all volunteer driven event. Lanterns are available to decorate to community groups, schools, and residents at no charge to keep participation in the event equally accessible to all. No contribution is too small to help us achieve our fundraising goal - donate today!

For updates, follow us on Facebook. This year's festival will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019. Follow our event page.

Photo by Jennifer Myers. Used with permission.

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