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This weekend with the Street Team

Hello world! Especially those residing in the Lowell area...

Sam DeAngelo here, member of the COOL Street Team. Hope everyone is enjoying the new sleek design of the Cultural Organization of Lowell's website, with an exciting logo and easier navigation system. Just letting you all know there's a lot of kickoff events for June 2015. I know I'm anxious for the Folk Festival happening July 24-26, but meanwhile let's take a look at some upcoming events for June.

Tomorrow at Dudley's is Fiesta Melon starting at 9:30, which I personally will be attending. Then, prepare yourself for this upcoming Saturday June 6th - it's First Saturday when a lot of people have events around Lowell. Ben and I are teaming up and hitting up everywhere we can while reporting on it through our Instagram and Twitter. On Facebook, we will have a recap (which you may or might not see depending on if the overlords of Facebook chose to post it on your news feed).

Here's where we plan to be:
12-5PM: First Saturday Open Studios at Western Ave Studios
12-4PM: Open Studios at Gates Block Studios
4-6PM: Opening reception for MaWa Creates at Zeitgeist Gallery
5-7PM: Opening reception for Lowell Lines at The Loading Dock Gallery (at Western Ave Studios)

Later in the evening, there is even more at The Worthen House with a concert to raise money
to find cures for childhood cancers

I'll stop there and let you digest those June events before posting more about the week after. Thanks for
reading - Cheers!


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