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Exploring Lowell with our Interns: UnchARTed


At the beginning of August, UnchARTed opened up at a new location! They are now located at 103 Market Street in Downtown Lowell. UnchARTed is owned by Mike Dailey, who is one of the nicest guys you can meet. COOL interns Visaka In, Amauris Delvalle, Karolina Rijo, and your blog author Michelle Sann decided to take a trip to the new UnchARTed and take a look at the gallery. When we walked in, Mike Dailey immediately greeted all of us and we introduced ourselves as being from the COOL Street Team.

Before interviewing him, we took a look around at the different art that was displayed. We were amused by the types of different art work that had caught our attention.  One of the pieces was created by a UML student who takes maternity pictures. “It really surprised me seeing that picture displayed at an art gallery,” says Amauris.

While touring the gallery, we noticed that some of the art that was displayed on a wall was created by an 8 year old child, which unexpectedly caught our attention.

After we took pictures and viewed the gallery, we sat down with Mike Dailey to ask him a few questions. One of the questions we had asked him was “What do you like most about owning this art gallery?” He responded, “I love getting to meet all the different artists, I love how the space is transformed every time we put up a new show.”

Another question we had asked him was “Do you have a specific theme for this art gallery?” He said, “Not specifically, but I suppose community is a theme...and modern.

UnchARTed is now serving food all day, such as pizzas and salads, as well as beer and wine. They also have live music performed at the art gallery several nights a week. Visit their Facebook page for details on events.

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