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Young Angel Midnight Anthology


 Young Angel Midnight: An Anthology of Emerging Artists

WINNER: 2012 New England Art Award, Book Category


Copies of Young Angel Midnight are available online!
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 Young Angel Midnight is also available in downtown Lowell at the following merchant:
Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus  |  67 Market Street, Lowell

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In celebration of its tenth anniversary, the Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL) has commissioned Bootstrap Productions to compose an anthology, Young Angel Midnight: An Emerging Generation in the Arts of Lowell, featuring the artwork by some of Lowell’s most gifted emerging artists. This 200-page book featuring full-color reproductions also includes a previously unpublished poem by Lowell native, Jack Kerouac.

Funded and supported by COOL, the anthology is a compilation of diverse and vibrant artwork from Lowell’s own. Inside its pages is a stunning collection from visual artists, performance artists, writers and musicians as well as profiles of several collectives, groups, spaces and organizations that comprise our city’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Our launch party on October 6, 2011, was a huge success and many thanks to all of the artists and folks that performed and came out to support this project!



119 Gallery Aaron North Action Park Adam Norton Alexander Giavis Andrew Lucas Angkor Dance Anna Isaak-Ross Anthony Febo Ashlee Welz-Smith Bar Sinister Ben Farley Beneath the Sheets Benjelly Big Ben Hillman birdorgan Carl Johnson Christoppher (Effect) Butler Craig Thomas David RobinsonDerek FennerD-Tension Dustin Woods Duy Hoang Efi Kyriazidis Elaina Bates Electric Donkey Emily Schroer Emma Beauchamp Eric Jones Flying Orb FOB Clothing Frank Casazza FreeVerse Gilbert Gandia Hali Vik Holly Simard House Shows Jan Johnson Jen Kearney Jenny Riddle Jessica Hosman Joanna Hall Joe MacFadzen Jonathan Smith Justin Kwan Kate Hanson Foster Kevin P. Stevenson Kris Wonson Lindsey Parker Los Bungalitos Loup-Garou Luke Radl Masada Jones Matthew Corcoran Melvern Taylor Michael Dailey Michael Homewood (Mic Stylz) Mike Dion Obehi Janice Princess Chan Reverend JJ Revolving Museum Rick Humangood Ryan "Tygastyle" Howarth Ryan Gallagher Sean Hernandez Sean ThibodeauSiramaBajoStephanie Lak The Abbadons The Bella Birds The Flip The Mores The Sinbusters Tony Vu Tyler Bisson unchARTed UniverSOUL Bboys UTEC Victoria Vann W!TH TH!S F!RE Will Northrup Yahuba Garcia Zack Tretheway

[Banner photo: Detail of Smokestacks and Steeples by Emily Shroer]

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